7 Tips to Detect and Prevent Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line

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Protecting your home from tree roots in your sewer line can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what to look out for or where the damage could start. Here are 7 tips to detect and prevent tree roots in your sewer line.

1) Trees love water

The roots of the tree are attracted to water, so they’re often drawn to sewer lines. To prevent tree roots from growing into your sewer line, it’s important to detect them early and take preventative measures.

2) Mark your trees

One of the best ways to prevent tree roots from growing into your sewer line is to put mark your trees. This way, you’ll know the area and can avoid them when digging or doing the other work around your home. Plus, marking your trees will help you keep track of their growth so you can take action if they start to encroach on your sewer line.

3) Always inspect your line

You can always inspect your sewer line for tree roots with a few simple DIY tips. First, check for an obvious blockage in your line. Next, look for cracks or damage to your pipe. If there is a root growing into your pipe, use a root cutter to remove them. Finally, apply a root preventative solution to your sewer line to keep tree roots from coming back.

4) Avoid root damage on purpose

One way to avoid root damage is by never planting trees near your sewer line. Another is to keep an eye on the trees you do have and cut out that seem to be growing too close. For a preventative measure, use rootkilling chemicals, but be careful not to damage the pipes with them. Finally, have your sewer line checked always so that problems can be caught early.

5) Clear the blocks with sludge

You can try a DIY technique to clear the blockage with sludge. You will need a garden hose, a screwdriver, and some dish soap. First, search for the clean-out plug on your sewer line. It is usually located near the street or property line. Next, use the screwdriver to remove the plug. Once the plug is removed, insert the garden hose into the clean-out opening. Turn on the water and let it run for a few minutes. Then, add some dish soap to the water and let it run for another few minutes. Finally, turn off the water and remove the hose.

6) Treat your sewer line periodically

It’s important to treat your sewer line periodically to prevent tree roots from growing into it. Here are seven tips to help you detect and prevent tree roots in your sewer line:

1. Always inspect your sewer line to avoid cracks or breaks.

2. If there is damage, repair it immediately.

3. Keep an eye on trees and shrubs near your sewer line.

4. If there is a root growing into the line, remove it immediately.

5. As a precaution, use a root-killing chemical.

6. Periodically have your sewer line professionally cleaned.

7. Never pour grease or oil down your drain – this can attract tree roots!

7) Take preventive measures before it gets bad

1. The first step is to be proactive and take preventive measures before it gets bad. This means regular maintenance of your sewer line.

2. Check the trees or shrubs around your home that may be growing too close to your sewer line.

3. If the trees or shrubs are growing too close, you can cut them back or remove them completely.

4. Another way to prevent tree roots from growing into your sewer line is to have a professional plumber install a root barrier system.

5. If you already have tree roots in your sewer line, the best way to remove them is to hire a professional plumber who has the proper equipment to do the job right.


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